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Criss Cross Phone Directory

Criss Cross Phone Directory

Make Sure that You Are Calling Your Prospective Customers

How did you get the names on your last telemarketing list? Was the list scrubbed to be do not call compliant? How good were the leads? When you use a crisscross phone directory from Bressers Information Services, you can be sure that you are calling your prospective customers.

When you use a Bressers criss cross phone directory, you will be able to find targeted leads. Finding leads with a Bressers crisscross phone directory is like finding an object with a sighting scope.

A sighting scope doesn't have just one line to help you locate an object, and Bressers crisscross phone directory does not just give you phone numbers. A sighting scope has at least one more line that helps to form an X.

With a Bressers criss cross phone directory, you can specify what other characteristic you want to use to find the right customers for your company's sales and marketing campaign. You will be able to search based on more than one characteristic. You will be able to find those people within an area who own their own home and have a particular income. You can find those households where two adults share the primary phone number. You will be able to find the phone numbers for those individuals in a particular census tract.

In other words, with a cross index phone directory, you will be able to learn more about someone before you add them to your telemarketing list. And, before you add a number to your telemarketing list, you will be able to check that number against the current do not call registry so that you can be sure that your list is in compliance with do not call regulations.

And while crisscross phone directories allow you to narrow down and verify your telemarketing lists, they remain a great value information source. For much less than a penny per listing, you will be able to have access to hundreds of thousands of residential and business listings. As an example, the MiamiDade County North directory has over 500,000 address listings and over 350,000 telephone numbers included and costs less than $250 per year.

That does not mean however, that the listings are only updated once a year in the Bressers crisscross phone directory. The online version of the directory is updated every month, allowing you to be sure that you will be aware of anyone new who moves to the area.

In the case of new movers, often you can benefit by making contact even if they are slightly outside of your regular demographic. People who are new to the area have a need for a wide variety of products and services, and make purchases within their first months. You will be at an advantage if you are able to contact them before your competitors have the opportunity to do so.

In order to grow your business, you need to be in a position where you reach the right prospective customers. With Bressers directories; such as their crisscross phone directory you can be sure that you are finding the right prospects to add to your telemarketing lists. Take advantage of finding targeted leads and move ahead of your competition.

Visit to learn more about their cross indexed telephone directories and other products that will help you to stay ahead of the other businesses in your area.

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